1. Wellness and performance

Youkali helps pioneering companies incorporate workplace wellness as an integral part of their management strategies and leadership development.

We help enterprises not only achieve substantial savings, but foster individual and collective performance in the long run.

2. Bottom-line

What distinguishes Youkali’s strategy  from traditional wellness philosophies is our “core-business” approach. We perceive wellness not as a “nice-to-have” perk, but as a “must-have” for any competitive, attractive enterprise. Not only do we minimize the human and financial costs of stress, we help companies continue to innovate and grow in the long-term.

3. Rapid results

Our values

1. Confidentiality
Youkali upholds a strict confidentiality principle at every step of our intervention between Youkali, the company and the beneficiary client. In addition to our rigorous respect of medical privacy, we are bound by contract to divulge no part of clients’ information, whether it be to their employer or a third party.

2. Community
We believe in giving back, so Youkali is committed to giving, in kind, a set percentage of its revenue back to those who cannot afford—but are in dire need of—wellness services.

3. Ethics and Sustainability

We adhere to principles of:

  • equal opportunity
  • transparency
  • respect for the environment

Our team

1. Multidisciplinary
We have a team of dedicated, world-class doctors, coaches, therapists, and specialists who deliver services in all four categories of Youkali’s mind-body-company expertise: Health, Fitness, Spa and Insight.

2. Business-wise

What makes the Youkali team unique though, beyond the constant interaction between our specialists, is that we know exactly where you come from.

Indeed, prior to joining Youkali, many of us earned degrees at leading universities (Harvard, Columbia, Sciences-Po,…) and gained high-level corporate experience (McKinsey and Company, The Boston Consulting Group, CAC40 companies) – just like you. So we know exactly where you are at, and what you expectfrom us!

3. Accessible

Meet our business-wise, mutlilingual team of experts here!

And should you want to understand how our skilled advisory board checks on us, go here!

Our clients

1. Confidentiality
Confidentiality is just as crucial to us as it is to the companies we serve. We therefore do not disclose company names nor individual names to any third party.

2. Professional services
We work mostly with large private companies, predominantly in the consulting, legal and finance areas.

3. Industry
We are happy to cater to select industries, mostly those directly connected to wellness issues, either because they contribute to wellness through their products and services, or because they want to make it part of their core management strategy.


  • Integral check-up™


    Conçu sur-mesure, le Check-up intégral™ permet de poser un diagnostic à 360° Our Integral Check-Up™ goes beyond traditional yearly check-ups

  • Conciergerie du Bien-Etre™


    L'organisation et la délivrance des soins de prévention, de sport, de spa et de sensTo maintain the balance needed to reach your summit of excellence, you need to take care of your physical, emotional and mental health

  • Booster Packs™


    Optimisez la performance et le bien-être de vos collaborateurs avec des packages adaptés à leur séniorité // Youkali’s Booster Packs™ will take your Talents, Executives and Leaders to the next level.

  • Executive (re-treat)™


    Notre équipe interdisciplinaire effectuera un check-up à 360° de votre état. An integrative wellness jump-start that identifies which wellness areas can be improved upon and enable us to address them effectively



  • Expertise

    Youkali offers preventive healthcare using the most advanced technology for prevention and early-diagnosis.

  • Expertise

    Youkali offers customized fitness check-ups and roadmaps to identify your needs and set up a program to achieve your goals, ignite your energy and reinforce your vitality.

  • Expertise

    We all know it is important to be relaxed and confident, in our personal lives as much as in our careers.

  • Expertise

    Youkali’s team of coaches, therapists and creativity experts will help you find your equilibrium and think outside the box.